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Come put your skills to the test! Bring your friends and/or coworkers!

Besides booking a private game you have the chance to join on of our many public games where you have the chance to play against other airsofter with different skill levels.

Info about upcoming games can be found on our website or on our facebook page.

For more info, booking a private game or joining a public game please contact us.

Private rental game group size 10-20 persons, game consists of three 20 minute rounds.

We organize all our games on our private airsoft field located ~30 km from Tartu. You can find more info about our field on our airsoft field page.

      What do you need for a game?

Please dress according to the weather and preferably in clothes that can get dirty and in extreme cases damaged. Also a friendly and adventurous attitude goes a long way :).

rental package

icon hind.png


Price per person.

icon g36.png


Rental kit main tool.

Mission critical for game play.

icon kuulid.png

1000 BBs

Enough for main contacts.

icon prillid.png


Most important part of kit.

icon mask.png


Voluntary but highly recommended

icon orgun.png


Everything you need for gameplay from start to finish.

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