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We started playing airsoft in 2011 and soon after decided to also offer airsoft guns and equipment. If you wish to purchase any airsoft equipment thru us please don't hesitate to contact us.

As our gameplay evolved so did the need for better weaponry so that's how we got into gun maintenance and upgrades. Which we also offer as a service.

As we soon found ourselves being the most frequent organizers locally we decided to do it on regular basis. With growing interest from new player we started to offer a gun rental service also. 

Having played around the same abandoned house for years we eventually decided a change was needed and built our own private airsoft field where we held our first game in 2015.

Biggest game where we have participated in was in 2014 when we attended National Airsoft Event in England where there were over 1800 players.

Videos and images of our gameplay and events can be found on our social media sites. 




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