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special event

pistols and shotguns only

Next special event is on 24th of July, Saturday @ Chokeberry Garden 

Chokeberry Garden is located ~30 km towards Tallinn, relatively close to Tallinn-Tartu highway.

NB! On the field only semi shots allowed and weapon power limited to 1,5J!

Game start at 11:00 Area open for set up at 10:20 

Game fee with own equipment 5.- €

For more info, registration and gun rental please contact us using the contact form or by email or phone.

Equipment rental not available for special event!


Goggles always on!

Watch your step! (holes, rocks, branches, roots and more)

Watch out for wildlife! (ticks, snakes and others)


Semi fire only! Maximum weapon power limited to 1,5J, random checks. Newcomers WILL be tested. Only allowed guns that fire 1 BB per trigger pull. Only exception is spring shotguns. Double trigger not allowed.

No alcohol!

Ricochet hit doesn't count.

Every other hit counts including gun hits.

Blindfire forbidden.

You're allowed to shoot from anywhere where you can make a aimed shot. Aimed shot is where there are no obstacles between you and gun muzzle and you can see BBs flight direction.

Meaning you can shoot from small holes and cracks if you can aim from the same hole.

Not allowed to get into cars or open their doors, allowed to step on the trucks stepping boards.

Not allowed to climb over or on top of any obstacles on the field. 

Not allowed to move or break any obstacles on the field.

Grenades have a "kill" radius on 5 m or longer if hit with a piece. Can be survived close range if fully behind a solid cover.

Friendly fire counts as a hit.

No bang bang rule, no minimum engagement distance. Can "kill" enemy by touch.

If for any reason you have raised your hand as calling hit without actually getting hit you're out of the game and have to move to the designated spawn area and follow current game spawn rules.

For any further questions feel free to contact us or clarify rules before game on location.

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